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Harvest Home Food & Clothing Volunteer Programs

“Utilizing volunteers to meet the needs of needy families in the community”

People with developmental disabilities desire meaningful and productive activities in their daily routines. Through community volunteering and contributing to the needs of others, SCARC individuals are able to make a meaningful contribution to the Sussex County community.  A major objective of community inclusion is for people with disabilities to develop meaningful relationships and opportunities of socialization with people without disabilities. Community volunteering meets this objective.

Many persons with developmental disabilities are eager to help others in the community through significant volunteer assignments. Those who wish to volunteer as opposed to engage in competitive work, can do so with proper supports.

SCARC's Harvest Home Programs were developed to meet this need.  They are small program locations which foster volunteering in the community by persons with developmental disabilities.  Harvest Home Foods and Harvest Home Clothing Company provide food and clothing to needy families in Sussex County utilizing the volunteer services of SCARC individuals. 

SCARC's Harvest Home Food program and its Harvest Home Clothing Company offers meaningful opportunities to persons with developmental disabilities to engage in the distribution of food and clothing to needy families in Sussex County.  50 adults with disabilities are served through these Harvest Home programs.

SCARC’s Harvest Home Clothing Company locations are also thrift shops in which the general public can come and purchase used clothing.  Also, Harvest Home Clothing Company develops partnerships with other community agencies to meet the needs of victims of fire, disasters, or other events where clothing is needed.  Harvest Home Clothing Company volunteers receive donations, collect clothing, sort clothes and prepare clothing for display at its location in Ogdensburg.  These Clothing programs are providing gently-used clothing to over 600 families throughout Sussex County.

The Harvest Home Food Program is the largest food pantry in Sussex County and serves more than 350 families every month from its two locations in Hampton Township and Ogdensburg.  SCARC obtains food from the NORWESCAP Food Bank, one of six community food banks in New Jersey, in addition to holding food drives. Food is re-packaged and delivered by SCARC volunteers to the homes of needy families.

For more information:

Harvest Home Foods - Hampton
4 Camre Drive
Newton, NJ 07860

Harvest Home Foods - Ogdensburg
338 Main Street,
Ogdensburg, NJ 07439 

Harvest Home Clothing - Ogdensburg
340 Main Street
Ogdensburg, NJ 07439


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