Due to the current environment regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), SCARC has implemented our active SHELTER IN PLACE policy for an indefinite period beginning March 16.  We are considering the health and safety of our individuals and employees as our first priority.  As such, the following details will take effect immediately:

If anyone has questions, they can be addressed to Richard Lecher, SCARC Chief Executive Officer at 973-383-7442, or by email at [email protected].  In case of an emergency, you can call the SCARC Administrator on Call (AOC) at 973-383-8442.

Richard C. Lecher, Ph.D.,

President and Chief Executive Office of SCARC, Inc.

Addresses COVID-19

COVID-19 05/12/20 Message 6 from Richard Lecher

COVID-19 05/04/20 Message 5 from Richard Lecher

COVID-19 04/22/20 Message 4 from Richard Lecher

COVID-19 04/14/20 Message 3 from Richard Lecher

COVID-19 04/08/20 Message 2 from Richard Lecher

COVID-19 04/03/20 Message 1 from Richard Lecher

COVID-19 03/25/20

COVID-19 05/26/20 Residential Operations Protocol 

COVID-19 03/16/20

COVID-19  03/13/20




Message from Kate Stefanko, SCARC’s Directory of Community Services 09/08/20

Message from Tony Barile, SCARC’s Directory of Facilities, Transportation and Risk Management 08/09/20

Message from Luann Salvatoriello, SCARC’s Senior Supervisor 07/06/20

Message from Phil Motyka, SCARC’s Chairperson 06/30/20

Message from Mary Jo Smith, SCARC’s Chief Human Resources Officer 06/17/20

Message from Mary Ann St. John, SCARC Board Member 05/19/20

Message from State Senator Steve Oroho 05/13/20


Katie Swanson R.N. Health and Nursing Care Administrator’s

COVID-19 Presentation-Parts 1 & 2

Part 1 – CDC Video

Part 2 – Katie Swanson’s COVID-19 Awareness Video



SCARC, Inc COVID-19 In Person Day Habilitation Operations Protocol – 07/21/2021

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Response – Residential Operations Protocol – 07/21/2021

Appendix A – SCARC, Inc. Protocol for Confirmed COVID-19 in Individual – 07/21/2021

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Response – Office Operations Protocol – 07/21/2021

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Response – Pre-Opening Visitations – 04/16/2021

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Response -Residential Visitations – 02/02/2021

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Response – Phase I Visitations – 04/16/2021

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Response – Phase II Visitations – 04/16/2021 

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Response – Phase III Visitations – 04/16/2021

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Response – Phase IV Visitations – 04/16/2021

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Day Habilitation Monthly Individual Temperature Tracking Record – 07/21/2021

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment Guideline – 5/26/2020 

SCARC, Inc. COVID 19 Cloth Mask and Glove Protocol – 4/27/2020 

NJ DOH – Hospital Visitors Policy Memo – 5/12/2020

SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Community Outing and Vehicle Cleaning Guidelines – 3/31/2021



SCARC, Inc. COVID-19 Binder Table of Contents –03/31/2021 

SCARC, Inc. Mandatory Direct Support Professional Screening Tool – 04/16/2021 

SCARC, Inc. Mandatory Visitor Screening Tool – 04/16/2021

SCARC, Inc. Daily Personal Protective Equipment Use Record – 6/29/2020

SCARC, Inc. Monthly Personal Protective Equipment Tracking and Replenishment Record – 6/29/2020

SCARC, Inc. Monthly Individual Temperature Tracking Record – 10/27/2020 

SCARC, Inc. Individualized COVID-19 Emergency Plan – 5/26/2020

SCARC, Inc. Program COVID-19 Emergency Plan – 5/26/2020

DDD Guardian Consent for Visitation During the COVID-19 Pandemic – 03/20/2021

DDD Visitor Agreement – 03/20/2021 

DDD COVID-19 Facility Readiness Tool – 9/21/2020 

DDD COVID-19 Receipt of Information Form – 9/21/2020 

DDD COVID-19 Individual Needs and Risk Assessment – 9/21/2020 

SCARC’s COVID-19 Update 06/26/2020



Rutgers COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Outbreak

CDC – Cleaning and Disinfection

CDC – Hand Cleaning

CDC – PPE Instructions – Donning and Doffing

Cloth mask protocol 04/27/20 

Free Respite Care Available


Coping with stress and anxiety


Find a physical outlet.  Sussex county YMCA through the use of technology with a variety of at-home exercise options available on our website and live classes on its facebook page for anyone to utilize.


Text or talk with a counselor- Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990 or text 66746


Sussex County CLEAR – for yourself or a loved one struggling with addiction, call the Sussex County CLEAR number 24/7 at 844-722-5327 (1-844-SC-CLEAR). Recovery coaches are available by phone to help with support, navigation to treatment and general questions about substance use disorder.