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Dear SCARC Family,

It is exciting to look back this year and to view our accomplishments for persons with whom we are involved and their families. We are thankful for the opportunities we have enjoyed to provide more services to our family at SCARC.  We have fully expanded our residential services with the addition of two new group homes in Frankford Township, and we have expanded our capacity in our Harvest Home Foods program.  We are reaching further into the community for our food distribution program to meet the needs of more needy Sussex County citizens.  We have placed more individuals into community employment.  We have expanded our Harvest Home Explorers to participate in community life throughout the County.  Our business and service connections have led to more successes and more opportunities for the support of families.


We have served Sussex County for 59 years of notable and focused supports, and we look forward to our 60th anniversary year in which we will identify and support more needs in more families.

Our Mission

Provide high quality services and supports to people with developmental disabilities and their families in Sussex County.

“Our daughter Erica has been part of the SCARC family for many years.  She has been participating in the Just Us Kids program an absolutely loves it, it is the highlight of her week. Our family is so fortunate to have found such a wonderful organization to help us meet the needs of our daughter, and connect with others in the community. ”
— Darlene and Gerard Blandina

Individuals with developmental disabilities and their families living in Sussex County depend on SCARC to provide community-based service options. In a time of ever changing and evolving resources and practices, SCARC is committed to meeting needs with respect, flexibility and services that reflect excellence and quality.

Lifespan Supports

SCARC provides a wide range of services designed to meet the diverse support needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.


County-Wide Presence

From its administrative offices in Augusta, SCARC oversees:

  • 22 Group Homes
  • 7 Community Apartments
  • 6 day habilitation centers


SCARC also provides:

  • Supported Employment
  • Recreation Activities
  • Family Support Services

In many locations throughout the county

SCARC by the Numbers in 2019

Individuals call a SCARC residence “home”
Individuals participate in our recreation programs
Individuals utilize day habilitation services
Families in need are served by Harvest Home Foods
Families currently receive family support services
People are employed by SCARC
Individuals are competitively employed with SCARC supports
Years of service to Sussex County individuals and families

Highlights 2015/2016

Two new residences became “home” to 10 individuals
Harvest Home Explorers became a new option for day habilitation
Summer Experience expanded
Our programs benefited from increased volunteerism

Board of Trustees

SCARC Board of Trustees
Megan MacMullin, Esq.
Andrew Sharick
First Vice Chairperson
Michael Tilton
Second Vice Chairperson
Rosemary Gebhardt
Third Vice Chairperson
Richard Olsen
Thomas Post
Phillip Motkya
Past Chairperson
Darlene Blandina
Beth Jensen
Mary Ann St. John
Michael Strada
David Weed

Emeritus Trustees

James Drew
Emeritus Trustee
Sanford Hollander, Esq.
Emeritus Trustee
Andrew Jorgensen
Emeritus Trustee
Douglas White
Emeritus Trustee

2016 Financial Information


Revenue Sources

Governmental Grants
Foundations / Other Grants
Program Fees
Financial Income

Expenses by Program

Residential Services
Employment Program
Management and General
Family Support and Community Services

Expenses by Category

Personnel Services
Facility Costs
Materials & Supplies
Assistance to People Served
Other Expenses

For more detailed financial information, please contact our President and Chief Executive Officer,

Richard C. Lecher, Ph.D. at 973-383-7442


A community of respect, equality, and dignity for people of all abilities.