Day Habilitation & Prevocational Training

SCARC offers six programs where individuals with a wide range of support needs may access Day Habilitation and Prevocational Training.

The Eickmann Center

Located in Hampton, the Eickmann Center offers individuals community-based activities as well as the opportunity to build workplace skills. The Center’s activities focus on sustainable gardening, including the full spectrum of tasks from preparation for planting, through cultivation, to harvesting an organic, community garden.  Participants will also oversee a composting program and create garden accessories.  The Eickmann Center offers experience and practical skill building for those considering pursuing competitive employment in addition to opportunities for socialization and community interaction.

The Clark Center

Located in Hampton, the Clark Center offers individuals an opportunity to learn skills related to activities of daily living, self-help, and socialization. Individuals have access to craft and computer-based activities as well as a quiet area for needed down time. Community outings include shopping, restaurants, bowling, and visits to nearby parks. Each day at the Clark Center is structured to provide both educational activities and stimulating, fun activities geared toward individual interests and goals.

Harvest Home Foods

With two locations, in Hamburg and Hampton, individuals in our Harvest Home Foods program operate two food pantries serving over 900 Sussex County families. Individuals pick up, organize, package, and distribute or deliver perishable and nonperishable foods acquired through NORWESCAP and through private donations. This volunteer activity enables individuals to make an important contribution to their community while developing relationships with its members.


SCARC offers two Explorers options in which individuals spend every day out and about in the community.

Harvest Explorers engage in a wide variety of activities including educational tours of local businesses and museums, volunteering at our beautiful Sussex County parks, and visiting local nursing homes.

Eickmann Explorers research and consider general employment possibilities such as sustainable gardening, acquire job skills through volunteering, and tour local businesses and farms.

Explorers have the opportunity to learn more about their personal interests and their communities within a dynamic and engaged group of peers.

The Sparta Center

Located in Sparta, the Sparta Center, the only program of its kind in Sussex County, provides services to individuals with significant support needs or who may be considered medically fragile. A registered nurse is on staff each day. Most activities are center based and developed with an awareness of the challenges of the participants. Programs on music, nature, and art, frequently shared by local organizations and individuals, provide opportunities to interact with community members. Trips into the community are also included and carefully arranged with recognition of the particular interests and constraints of the participants.

The Senior Center

Located in Sparta, the Senior Center provides supports to individuals who wish to “retire” from employment or more intensive day activities. Individuals participate in an array of leisure activities including crafts, cooking, shopping, and pursuing individual hobbies or interests. Individuals also engage in educational activities such as learning about health and wellness.

To find out more about Day Habilitation and Prevocational Training Services at SCARC:

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