A Message from our Board Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer

For over 60 years SCARC has been dedicated to providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in Sussex County. The SCARC Board of Trustees, administration, and staff are committed to our mission and to providing quality supports that enable individuals to thrive and live lives of value and dignity in our community.

As SCARC’s constituency expands and the demand for services increases, we maintain our high expectations for the quality of our services and our ability to meet the expectations of the diverse population that we serve. In the past year we have expanded the options available to individuals seeking daytime services which will enable us to serve more individuals with severe disabilities, as well as more individuals who fall into the senior citizen category. We have also partnered with community organizations so that we may increase opportunities for meaningful community- based activities and experiences for individuals in all of our programs.

An additional challenge for SCARC in the next two years is a change, instituted by the State of New Jersey, which will require a transition from the funding model within which SCARC has functioned for many years. SCARC is in the process of switching from contract-based funding to a fee-for-service method of funding with direct billing to Medicaid. This will mean that SCARC will be reimbursed after a service is performed and all services must be eligible for Medicaid reimbursement funding. SCARC’s commitment to the stability of its services and the well being of the individuals they support will remain unchanged.

SCARC’s successful efforts over the last sixty years are due to the shared commitment of the SCARC family – everyone from leadership to direct support staff – as well as the support of the people of Sussex County. We are confident that what we do at SCARC will have a lasting benefit for the individuals and families we support and the Sussex County community on a whole.

With our best regards,

Andy Sharick,
Board of Trustees Chairperson 2017 – 2019

Richard C. Lecher, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer