Key to Success recognizes employees who have made commendable contributions to the mission of SCARC.  Employees are nominated by their peers in one or more of five areas:

January 2020

Clearview Group Home

December 2019

Hampton Group Home Staff

December 2019

Kate Stefanko

December 2019

Courtney Larsen

November 2019

Jennifer Utter

September 2019

Branchville Group Home Staff

June 2019

Gabriella DiMartino

May 2019

Spencer Veen

January 2019

Daele Phelgar

January 2019

Rob Weir

November 2018

Nora Chatterton and Ester Insetta

August 2018

Ken Allen

Summer Special Olympics 2018

Karen Newburgh, Lisa Donohoe, Ryan Lausch, Kate Stefanko

Luann Salvatoriello

Lori Ciampi

Judy Richards

Taylor Ulikowski

Kerry Hodgson

July 2018

Carrie Betsch

June 2018

Shelbi Snyder

April 2018

Clark Center Staff

April 2018

Rebecca Hand

February 2018

Taylor Ulikowski

June 2017

Sparta Center Staff

May 2017

Theresa Arace and Joanna Kragt

April 2017

Jordan Harvey

March 2017

Senior Program

Ryan Connolly

Ann Marie Tarleton

February 2017

Mike Degrazia

January 2017

Nicole Nazzaro

August 2016

Emilee King

Martin Noah

March 2016

Carrie Betsch

Luann Salvatoriello

February 2016

Daele Phlegar

Nelson Lopez

Sue Connors

September 2015

Kaitlyn Milliken

May 2015

Heather Boralsky