Respite is a support that allows families of children with developmental disabilities short-term relief from their day-to-day care duties. Self-Hired Respite gives families the option of hiring someone they choose themselves, or already know and trust, to provide care for their child. It is also helpful for families who are concerned that they will “wear out their welcome” with unpaid caregivers who frequently do them the favor of providing care. Self-Hired Respite allows families to compensate these natural supports.

Approved families may schedule, at their discretion, up to 60 hours of care in a 90 day period at $11 per hour. Families may hire any caregiver they wish over the age of eighteen who can provide the level of care required by the child (does not include the parent themselves). Anyone hired is required to complete a criminal background check, fingerprinting, and a Mantoux test within sixty days of hire.

Note: A limited amount of privately funded respite (In home, self-hire, weekend) may be available to families while applying for services or families who are not eligible for services through the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

For More Information about Self-Hired Respite:
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