March 2018

Alphabet soup – Acronyms in the Developmental Disability Community

Understanding the language of the developmental disability service system The use of the primary letters, in the often lengthy terms and titles that comprise the vocabulary of the developmental disability service system, has almost become a
February 2018

Guardianship for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Understanding the Guardianship Process and Your Options When Your Child Turns Eighteen Many parents of individuals with developmental disabilities are surprised to learn, that when their child reaches the age of eighteen, they no longer have the
February 2018

SCARC Announces New Service for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Self-Hired Respite Available for Individuals Under 21 Families facing the challenges of providing care for their children with developmental disabilities can access a new support through SCARC’s Self-Hired Respite service.  Respite is a support
January 2018

Transitioning to Support Coordination

DDD replaces Case Managers with agency-based Support Coordinators As individuals receiving services through DDD transition into the new Fee-for-Service system, they will also experience another transition.  DDD-employed Case Managers will now be
January 2018

NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities moving to Medicaid-based Fee-for-Service system

Fee-for-Service System Replacing Contract-Based System If you care about someone with a developmental disability, it’s a term that you may have been hearing lately – Fee-for-Service.  Besides adding another acronym – FFS – to the alphabet
December 2017

Harvest Home Foods: Adults with Developmental Disabilities Serving their Community

Harvest Home Foods is one of the diverse day habilitation options offered by SCARC.  Since 1999, Harvest Home Foods has been providing participants with the opportunity to serve their community by addressing the food insecurity experienced by some
November 2017

Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families

The SCARC Foundation’s Annual Appeal As temperatures fall into the crisp and chilly category and the leaves of autumn become prey for the blasts of leaf blowers, we find ourselves at the time of year when we are called on to count our
November 2017

SCARC Celebrates Milestones in Serving Individuals with Developmental Disabilities in Sussex County

As SCARC celebrates its sixtieth anniversary this year, Richard C. Lecher, Ph.D. is also being recognized for his forty-five years as President and CEO of the organization.  When asked of what accomplishment he is most proud, Dr. Lecher waves the
October 2017

Coming to Terms with Change

An overview of recent changes in the New Jersey service systems for individuals with developmental disabilities   The systems that serve individuals with developmental disabilities in New Jersey have been undergoing many changes in recent