August 2019

Adults with Disabilities: Qualifying for DDD Benefits in NJ

If you’re the parent or caregiver of a loved one with developmental disabilities who is 18 or older, you may be wondering how your child (or other loved one) will access special state-provided services as an adult. This is because when an
October 2018

DDD Supported Employment Services

Services assist individuals with developmental disabilities achieve employment Individuals who are on the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Supports Program or Community Care Program are eligible to receive Supported Employment
September 2018

Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund

A resource for families of children with developmental disabilities Meeting the needs of a child with developmental disabilities can get expensive…..really expensive.  Parents, of course, will do everything that they can to make sure that their
September 2018

Planning for an Adult Life with Developmental Disabilities

Should I use provider-based services or self-direct my individual budget? Utilizing self-directed services in lieu of provider-based programs is a relatively new option designed to offer more choice and control to individuals and their families.
August 2018

Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Turning 21

Transitioning To the Adult Service System in NJ Individuals in New Jersey who have a developmental disability and are turning 21 will transition to a vastly different system than the ones that served them as children. Individuals under twenty-one
July 2018

NJCAT – The NJ Comprehensive Assessment Tool

Assessing the support needs of individuals with developmental disabilities eligible for DDD services As part of the Division of Developmental Disabilities’ move to a Medicaid Fee-for-Service system, they have introduced a new assessment tool for
July 2018

DDD Programs Fund Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Part Two: The Community Care Program As a part of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) provides the public funding for services and supports that address the needs of New Jersey adults with
February 2018

SCARC Announces New Service for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Self-Hired Respite Available for Individuals Under 21 Families facing the challenges of providing care for their children with developmental disabilities can access a new support through SCARC’s Self-Hired Respite service.  Respite is a support
November 2017

Direct Support Professionals: A New Title for a Changing Profession

Caregiver - it’s a word we use for people who provide care for our children, our elderly, and until recently people with developmental disabilities.  It’s a term that seems fitting to the world because individuals with developmental
October 2017

Coming to Terms with Change

An overview of recent changes in the New Jersey service systems for individuals with developmental disabilities   The systems that serve individuals with developmental disabilities in New Jersey have been undergoing many changes in recent