Day Program Options

October 3, 2018
Day Program Options

SCARC offers a wide range of choices for individuals with developmental disabilities

When your child or loved one ages out of school, or their current day program is no longer meeting their needs, you will need to ask the question, What comes next?  If your child will not be seeking employment, or needs to work on employment skills before considering that opportunity, you will probably be looking for a day program that can offer Day Habilitation, Pre-Vocational, and/or Career Planning services.

Day Habilitation services offer stimulating activities and skill development.  Pre-vocational Training services help individuals develop strengths and skills that could lead to employment.  Individuals who would like to consider and explore their employment options can utilize Career Planning services.  These services are offered within SCARC’s six different day program options which are specially designed to meet the diverse support needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • The Eickmann Center is located in Hampton. Individuals participate in activities geared toward building practical skills and gaining experience in employment-related tasks.  There is also ample opportunity for socialization and participation in community-based activities.  The staff to participant ratio is one to six.
  • The Clark Center is located in Hampton. Activities at the Clark Center are geared toward learning daily living and self help skills.  Participants also have the option of socializing or taking advantage of quiet areas. Trips into the community include both indoor and outdoor activities.  The staff to participant ratio is one to three.
  • The Sparta Center is located in Sparta. If your child is medically fragile or has significant support needs, you may want to consider the Sparta Center.  Activities are primarily center-based.  Community inclusion is promoted by inviting community members to the Center to share their expertise in areas such as music, art, and nature.  Participants also engage in community-based activities selected with their particular needs and abilities in mind. The staff to participant ratio is one to three, and a registered nurse is always on staff. (Individuals needing a greater level of support should discuss this with a SCARC representative.)
  • The Explorers Program offers two unique options for participants who enjoy active days. These programs meet each day at a Center and then leave for community-based activities.  The staff to participant ratio is one to six.
    • Participants in the Harvest Explorers Program enjoy both educational opportunities and volunteering opportunities in Sussex County.
    • Participants in the Eickmann Explorers Program explore career options and develop skills related to employment and volunteering.
  • The Harvest Home Foods Program has two locations in Hampton and Hamburg. Participants play an important role in their community by operating these two food pantries that serve over nine hundred families in Sussex County.  Participants travel to the NORWESCAP food bank to pick up perishable and non-perishable food.  Upon their return to the food pantry, they sort, package, and distribute the food to community members in need.  The ratio of staff to participants is one to six.
  • The Senior Center is located in Sparta. It is geared toward individuals who are employed, or who have been involved in active day programs, and would like to retire.  Participants have the opportunity to explore personal interests and hobbies.  They also engage in cooking and craft projects.  Health and wellness is a focus for these older, but still vibrant individuals, who also focus on learning and exploring their community.  The staff to participant ratio is one to six.

The best way to know if a program that you think might fit your child or loved one actually will, is to visit the program.  While you’re there you’ll be able to ask specific questions about the program and how it will fit with your child’s interests and abilities as well as their physical, cognitive, or behavioral needs.  To find out more and to arrange a visit to one or more of the SCARC day programs, contact Janis Woersching at 973-383-7442.

During a visit to any program that you are considering, you should take note or ask questions about the following:

  • The Facility
    • Is the program space clean and organized? Will it be a cheerful and safe place for your child to spend their day?
    • Is the kitchen and bathrooms well equipped, in good repair, and well maintained?
  • The Staff
    • What kind of training does the staff receive?
    • Is the staff to participant ratio adequate for your child’s level of need?
    • Does the staff look competent and engaged as they interact with participants?
    • Does the staff seem to respect and care about the well being of participants?
  • The Program
    • What are the program and community-based activities that your child will participate in?
    • What will be the routine of most of your child’s days?
    • Is the equipment in the program clean and well maintained?
    • Are the supplies in the program adequate and organized?
    • Do the participants look happy and adequately cared for?
  • Transportation
    • How far will your child need to travel to get to this program?
    • Will your child be transported to the program by the provider?
    • If so, how long will the vehicle route be for them?

Leaving the school system at twenty-one after so many years in a familiar environment is often traumatic for both the individual and their family.  It can also be difficult to transition from another day program that may no longer be meeting the individual’s needs.  SCARC staff are happy to help families with making this important decision.  Call today to discuss finding the appropriate option for your loved one in need of day program services.