Looking for a Well-Paying Entry-Level Job Here in Sussex County?

September 15, 2021

Looking for a Well-Paying Entry-Level Job Here in Sussex County?

Learn more about working for SCARC!

Millions of Americans have made career changes over the last 18 months. And, today, there are millions more looking for their next job. If you’re one of them, there is a lot you may not know about our organization and the jobs that are available here. So, here’s the scoop on working as a DSP for SCARC—the facts might just surprise you!

SCARC offers fulfilling, well-paying jobs for individuals at every stage of life and background, whether you’re a…

  • new college graduate
  • parent who needs a flexible work schedule
  • retiree who wants to give back to your community (while padding your nest egg!)
  • part-timer looking for a job with benefits
  • or ANYONE looking for more meaningful work, exceptional benefits, and a supportive work environment


  1. DSP stands for direct-support professional.  Our DSPs work in our supported employment, recreation, and day programs as well as our group homes, providing direct care to the individuals we serve. The position offers the perfect foundation from which to launch a career in human services. There is also a wealth of opportunities for our DSPs to grow into new roles right here at SCARC, taking on new responsibilities or even becoming a manager.
  2. SCARC is a nonprofit organization that serves adults and children with developmental disabilities. Our mission is to enable these individuals to live with purpose and value in the community. While our supporters, staff, and volunteers all play a vital role in our success, it’s our direct-support professionals (DSPs) that are the lifeblood of our organization. They have a profound impact on the individuals we serve and fulfill our mission in a very tangible way.
  3. We serve individuals of all ages, with a wide range of developmental disabilities. Each individual we serve is incredibly unique and special. And invariably, our DSPs come to love, respect, and care for each and every one of them. When we asked our DSPs why they come to work each day—why many of them keep coming to work for years, even decades—the affection they have for the individuals we serve is always the first answer. This job is deeply rewarding, they say, and has enabled them to experience incredible personal growth.
  4. We offer extremely competitive pay: Another top reason our DSPs choose to work for SCARC? We offer some of the most competitive hourly wages in NJ for hourly workers. In fact, our hourly wage starts at more than 50% above the state minimum and well above the starting wage for many other entry-level positions in New Jersey. You don’t need a college degree. You don’t need any prior experience or specialized education. So, what DO you need? A heart. Our DSPs say that you must WANT to help people in order to do this job well. Helping people is at the core of what we do here at SCARC. You must have a passion, drive, or desire to better your own life AND the lives of others.
  5. We offer comprehensive benefits packages—including insurance and paid time off—even for part-time workers! This another way we set ourselves apart from many other hourly positions. SCARC offers health, dental, and life insurance coverage, very generous 401(k) contributions, a variety of ancillary coverage options, and more. We’re also proud to be one of very few employers that not only provide paid holidays to hourly employees, but even offer a substantial paid-time-off (PTO) benefit!
  6. Over and over, our DSPs talk about how much they love and care for the individuals SCARC serves. Many of our DSPs discover that helping an individual with toileting and showering needs is well within their comfort level once they get to know the individuals we serve. The bonds they form with the individuals we serve often helps our DSPs feel quite comfortable in assisting with personal hygiene.  However, quite a few of the individuals SCARC serves, in both our group homes and our day programs, are able to perform their own self-care tasks. Friendship, support, and mentorship are often what the individuals we serve need most. DSPs also drive individuals to appointments, cook meals, take individuals into the community, facilitate family visits, and provide daily companionship. This means DSPs may be assigned a range of job responsibilities—and we’ll work with you to identify which ones align best with your skills, background, and interests.
  7. We offer job flexibility and opportunities for growth. SCARC has locations all over Sussex County, with daytime, evening, overnight, weekend, and weekday shifts available. With 30 locations across the county, chances are you’ll have a quick and easy commute! As you continue to work for SCARC, you’ll be rewarded with opportunities for new roles and responsibilities, additional paid time off, and pay increases. With day programs, group homes, and special programs like our food pantry, recreation, and family support offerings, there are a variety of opportunities for DSPs to find their niche. You could even go on to serve in a managerial capacity, where you’d be involved in the administrative and staffing oversight of a group home or day program.
  8. We’re really one big family! Our DSPs consistently talk not just of their love for the individuals we serve, but also their affection for their fellow employees. And as you work side by side with others who share your passion for making a difference, you’ll find that you’ve become part of our SCARC family, too. We appreciate and value each one of our employees and strive daily to show our gratitude for all they do.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying for a DSP position here at SCARC, visit our quick and easy application here on our website, or simply send your resume and a brief cover letter to Heather Drew at [email protected]. You can also apply on Indeed.com. We are urgently hiring, so don’t wait! We look forward to meeting you!

Questions? Contact Mary Jo Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer, at [email protected].