SCARC’s Vehicle Donation To Rescue Squad Will Support Local Firefighters

July 17, 2019
SCARC’s Vehicle Donation To Rescue Squad Will Support Local Firefighters

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Augusta, NJ (July 17, 2019) – SCARC, Sussex County’s primary provider of services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities, is excited to announce that it recently donated another retired vehicle to Blue Ridge Rescue Squad. The Squad is a non-profit, all-volunteer outfit located in Branchville that serves five municipalities in the area. The keys to the vehicle were handed over in a brief key-exchange ceremony held on June 28, 2019.

Blue Ridge Captain Craig Fary of the Rescue Squad accepted the keys from Tony Barile, SCARC’s director of facilities, transportation, and risk management, and Barry Woodruff, SCARC’s senior transportation coordinator. The Squad, which serves Frankford Township, Branchville Borough, Sandyston Township, Montague Township, and Walpack Township, was thrilled to receive the vehicle, which was the third such donation that SCARC made this year. In January, Blue Ridge Rescue Squad graciously accepted two retired wheelchair-lift vehicles from SCARC, which were then converted into emergency-support vehicles that are used to provide medical assistance to the local community.

The vehicle donated last month is a minibus that had been used for years to transport individuals with developmental disabilities to and from SCARC locations throughout Sussex County. Now, the 2004 Ford Econoline E-450 commercial shuttle will get a second lease on life by serving as a mobile fire-department-rehab unit. Following a complete renovation, the minibus will become a vital resource for firefighters on the ground during every incident in which the Squad is asked to provide medical support.

Offering fire and other emergency personnel an immediate source of climate-controlled shelter, the new fire-rehab vehicle will enable personnel to rest, rehydrate, and receive medical attention. They’ll be able to escape harsh weather and be monitored and treated for any medical conditions that can result from fighting fires and responding to other types of emergency scenes. Immediate treatment for smoke inhalation, dehydration, and burns can ensure firefighters can be more effectively and efficiently treated and more quickly return to the scene when appropriate. The vehicle will be clean, well lit, and fitted out with a jump kit for immediate first aid, as well as a rehab kit to treat burns and hydrate firemen.

“We’re always looking for ways to augment our services in order to more effectively serve our community. By utilizing a specific vehicle for this purpose, all responding ambulances can be kept free for the treatment and transport of fire victims, and we’re able to give an old vehicle a second life, right here in the same Sussex County community where it served SCARC,” explained Captain Fary. “We’re so grateful for this donation, and we look forward to sharing the outcomes of this new initiative with neighboring squads to help them implement a wider range of support services as well.”

Unlike in the past, when firefighters often didn’t have a dedicated place to rest and refuel, fire-department-rehab units are completely customized to support these emergency personnel. Up to six firefighters will be able to fit inside the Squad’s new unit at one time, with extra seating on board in addition to the built-in seating to ensure each firefighter has a place to rest and receive treatment. With the introduction of this new vehicle, the Squad will be joining many other emergency-personnel services around the country who are utilizing these innovative rehab units to better support their firefighters.

“At SCARC, we feel it’s very important to contribute to other organizations in our community whenever we can,” explained Dr. Richard Lecher, SCARC’s president and CEO. “This is the second time this year that SCARC has made such a donation to the Blue Ridge Rescue Squad, and we’re thrilled to know that this latest vehicle will be put such an important use at its new home.”

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