SCARC Is Hiring Direct-Support Professionals Now!

May 24, 2019
SCARC Is Hiring Direct-Support Professionals Now!

DSP Work Opportunities

With locations all over Sussex County, SCARC is a community-based organization that serves than more than 650 adults and children with developmental disabilities each year, offering a wealth of opportunities for them to live with purpose and value in the community. While our supporters, staff, and volunteers all play a vital role in our success, it’s our direct-support professionals (DSPs) that are the lifeblood of our organization. They have a profound impact on the individuals we serve and fulfill our mission in a very tangible way on a daily basis. If this sounds like the type of job you’re looking for, read on, because we’re actively recruiting new DSPs now!

What Is a DSP?

Our DSPs work in our supported employment, recreation, and day programs as well as our group homes, providing direct care to the individuals we serve. The position offers the perfect foundation from which to launch a career in human services. In fact, there is a wealth of opportunities for our DSPs to grow into new roles right here at SCARC. Of the more than 240 DSPs on staff here, nearly a quarter of them have worked here for more than ten years!

What Does a DSP Do?

As a community-based organization, we provide services for children and adults who struggle with an array of challenges. Some of these individuals need help meeting their basic daily needs, such as dressing, feeding, and toileting. Others require less hands-on assistance and, instead, simply need your companionship and guidance. Many of these individuals are often involved in activities that enable them to become more independent, and they might take computer classes, learn a new skill, or prepare for a job interview. It’s our DSPs’ job to help and support the individuals we serve and, in some cases, do things for them that they can’t do themselves. Our DSPs also enjoy helping those we serve engage in lots of fun activities, from recreational outings and sports to crafts and hobbies.

The Perfect Fit

One of the best parts of DSP work is the flexibility it offers. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, during the day or overnight, chances are, we can create a schedule that works for you.

You can also serve as a DSP in a number of different ways. Think you’re all in for the hands-on, self-care activities such as bathing and feeding? If so, there are plenty of wonderful, sweet children and adults who would be grateful for your help. Would you prefer to serve as more of a nurturing companion and role model for individuals who are able to attend to their own basic needs? They would love it if you would teach them to cook, help them take up a new hobby, or accompany them a nature walk.

Caring for these individuals often means you’re allowing their regular caregivers—such as parents—the opportunity to rest and attend to their own needs. What’s more, you’re giving these individuals a sense of independence and a level of interaction and engagement with the world they would never be able to experience were it not for you!

Some of our DSPs go on to serve in managerial capacities, where they are involved in the administrative and staffing oversight of a group home or day program. If you have demonstrated leadership skills, a position in management might be in your future!

You can learn more about the different types of DSP responsibilities here.


dsp work opportunityWhat Type of Person Makes the Best DSP?

If you have a caring, nurturing personality and are searching for an opportunity that will give you purpose and fulfillment, this job might just be perfect for you. Our DSPs include young people who have recently graduated from high school as well as recent retirees and lots of folks in between! Find out if you’re qualified.

What About DSP Work Benefits?

SCARC’s outstanding benefits program is one of the reasons our DSPs choose us when considering working for a community-based organization! Our DSPs have access to exceptional group of benefits products and employee perks.** For example, SCARC covers 75% of the cost of our excellent health and dental insurance plans and provides no-cost life insurance to each employee. We also contribute 4% of each employee’s base wages to his/her 401(k) and match up to 3% of employee contributions! In addition, we provide access to long-term disability insurance, accident and critical-illness coverage, and a flexible-spending plan.

We’re proud to be one of very few employers that not only provide paid holidays to hourly employees, but even offer a substantial paid-time-off (PTO) benefit! You can learn more about this and the many other advantages of working for SCARC on our Benefits Details page. This generous package is just one of many important ways we show our DSPs how important they are to our organization.

Make Your Move!

Want to learn more about DSP work opportunities for one of the largest community-based organizations in the area? Visit our DSP Employment page, attend an upcoming recruitment fair, or contact us to learn more. Ready to apply? Check out our current openings. We know you’re going to love it here!

Pull or Sidebar Quotes:

“I have always loved working with the individuals, reaching their hearts, communicating with them, and helping them lead fulfilling lives.” — Dale Pierson, DSP since 1995

“For me, in the beginning, I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll give back by doing this,’ but, in the end, I am receiving far more. I also love working with a team with the same kind of heart I have.” — Nancy Orloski, DSP since 2000


**The number and type of benefits available to DSPs are dependent on their status as full-time hourly or part-time hourly employees.